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John Tyler Wines

Welcome to the Westside Road neighborhood John Tyler Wines!!!! Well welcome to their Brand spanking new tasting room, they have lived there for quite some time. Yes, I attended their Industry grand opening and what a great NEW stop heading out Westside Road.

Yet another family business that focuses on just two varietals and they happen to be two of my favorite: PInot Noir and Zinfandel. Tyler Heck is at the helm making the wine. They do things differently here. They extend the barrel and bottle aging which provides a different, educational experience in tasting these two varietals. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. I was also pleasantly surprised when my wife purchased a couple of bottles!

I have had the pleasure to meet the family prior to the opening of tasting room, thanks to Ken Macheras of Platypus Tours. Katey, Nicole, Pam and John Bacigalupi are all very, very nice people. I have not had the luxury of meeting Tyler Heck, but that is on my list for my next visit to John Tyler Wines. This winery experience is well worth the stop. Tell them the Geyserville Inn recommended you to stop by!

And say hello to Craig Smalley for me! He's another hospitalitarian!